Introduce the Radxa Zero

how can i get one ? :smiley:

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Virtually any SBC can do that.

It has a USB 3.0 Type C port, you can add a USB ethernet adapter, or a hub for many devices.

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I don’t intend to sound like an idiot, but the 40 pin GPIO pins on this, would they work with an “accessory” designed to the Pi HAT Specs. I’m asking this as this SBC along with this “HAT” would be perfect for my distributed 5G/4G network I’m working on.
CaribouLite | Crowd Supply

No, As mentioned above GPIO pins are not compatible with RPI GPIO.

Amlogic have different pinouts.

The CaribouLite project uses SMI interface to communicate with the Pi, which is not available on the Zero.

Hello @jack,
Any chance we could get a response?

Thank you. Just checking. Sorry if it was a stupid question. I’m more on the design and development side of things rather then hardware projects these days.

Hello, i am an embedded kernel dev, i also actively use 3D Printers, i would like to bring Octoprint / Klipper / Moonraker / Fluidd / Mainsail to this device.

Its offloading all the printing calculations from the printer board to a pi, wich is nessesary for fast printing. As u can use old 8bit board stutterfree to print high detailed curves at speeds beyond 200mm/s

The pi zero can do but with mjpg_streamer to monitor prints and a snappy webinterface it is overloaded.

Ive been searching long for proper hardware for this task, then the well known thermal throtteling of S905 and cooling solutions has to be checked

Normally this would run under raspbian so i have to check for stable Kernel and proper hardware encoding/decoding for the Mali, im also running coreelec on amlogic boxes with S905/S912 so amlogic development in not new to me. Maybe cherrypicking from coreelec-ng to push the SOC to its limits.

But proper Archlinux support is nice to have too, As my last project bringing full Ryzen Renoir support for Manjaro/Archlinux on Lenovo 15ARE05

The Pi zero never had enough Power to drive the Caculations and stream Video at the same time.

If this works (im from germany: gehen die weg wie geschnitten Brot/they will sell like cutted bread)

would be nice to get some dev sample, and if its good i will recommend to the whole 3d printing / coreelec community

Sincerely yours
Andreas Voigt

ps: hope youre able to produce enough…


Mainline U-boot and kernel is running on Radxa Zero now. And we just got mainline AOSP running. Thanks to the great work done by Baylibre.


I would like to be able to buy 1.


some have already asked but hope for a re-ask, will their be an external wifi antenna connector on the board? or is that an area of unpopulated pads I see for one :stuck_out_tongue:

any time and manufacturing capacity for first party accessories?
USB C to Ethernet/USB 3 hub Hat ?
USB C to USB 2.0 Type A? Ive seen thousands of those to plug the PI Zero into a usb port.

how warm or hot do S905Y CPU’s get at idle and full load? would heat sinks be available?
will this board rely mostly on third party accessories?

thanks for the development of this amazing ‘zero’ upgrade board, it certainly give the zero more horse power to do more tasks.

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this project looks amazing,
usb-c !!! yes
faster, and more ram!! yes

I think you’ve got a real winner here.

how can I get my hands on one to play with? are they for sale any time soon, or is there a early test release that I can get hold off?


CoreELEC is now running on Radxa Zero


Hi guys, I already make 2 quick videos about this amazing new board!!
this will be an amazing rockpi family


That was fast.

Please share link to Mainline uboot. @SleepWalker have already recieved it and want to prepare a uboot to be used with freebsd.

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Also thanks to the work by the CoreELEC team, EmuELEC is also working on the Radxa Zero, and I must say I am very impressed by this device considering the size.

I will release a testing img very soon for those that want to try it.

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For a while I have thought the Pi Zero is show its age and microcontrollers have become valid alternatives.

So the Raspberry Pi3A+ has been my fave SBC for a while but looks like especially with the Mali-G31 GPU with quad A53 but on a zero format 7 price.
Yeah wow that is looking a better product and eager to find out what overlays are available especially with I2S.

For price looks amazing and also the quad A53 from Pi experience is still a really good embedded fit.

I want one! :slight_smile:

PS does that thing also have a spare pcie lane?

Also I was pleasantly surprised but just few options as always surprises me how many options radxa often provide. They seem to be well chosen and well priced.
I was thinking I want 2gb no emmc but with some thought not needing a SD card with Wifi/BT5 the 8gb emmc is so well priced that 2gb no emmc is prob pointless.

Its a crazy small board but if it could have a M.2 or maybe a Zero-m.2 board could be created as it would be really interesting to use a Coral Ai m.2 as even the Pi CM4 can not as the nature of VC6 & the PCIe controller has problems where only very simple cards & ssd work.

Then again with it will be at least interesting what sort of acceleration the mali could provide with tensorflow and the Radxa zero has advantages over the Pi3 never mind Zero

when building the mainline u-boot on the aarch64 architecture, instead of aml_encrypt_g12a, use the meson64-tools project, I did not conduct full testing (there is no board with a processor from amlogic) but this recommendation was from the issues.

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I presume much can be grabbed from other existing s905XXX SBC?

I got that from as are there any others apart from the usual goodies from ?