Introduce the Radxa Zero

That’s good. The OAK D can work with 1A current, otherwise it needs separate power supply which I do not want. It would be great to see if OAK D can work just with Radxa Zero USB C power output (1A max?).

similar, but just a rack with 4-6 boards

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Technically it should work with Vim3 existing image as long as Radxa ships bsp uboot on emmc. Or we will have to make mainline uboot for the board.

I am very interested.

I’m a systems analyst, entrepreneur and developer willing to look into developing software solutions for this board. Please let’s do not ever forget our Guru, Engineer and Professor Andreas Spiess, who definitely deserves one of these samples as soon as possible. Best Regards!

Wonder if Amateur Radio dev deserves one for comparison with other boards (lemme fly one with straospheric baloon ;)) ?
SDR and various radio activity stuff happening here. Anyways, can’t wait to production - looks like great board is happening.

I’d love to be an early adopter and I’d be more than happy to write about my experiences with it.

I would also love one if there are any leftover, i am developing a kilncontroller where this would be perfect for.

Heya, I’m a Linux fanatic and tinkerer, if you have one spare I’d be most grateful for it. I’d like to try and dev Manjaro on to it, I’m not an official developer but I’d be happy to return any results i get from my explorations. I have already participated in the creation of the XFCE Manjaro Arm distro of the Raspberry pi and have been involved in previous SBC projects including the now defunct C.H.I.P development. Please contact me if there is any possibility of acquiring a Dec board. I would like to request one with the largest memory available as i would like to push my Dev of it:-)

Thanks again and good luck with this. We do need better options for this form factor then the Pi Zero and The Banana Pi Zero M2.

Hello, would it be possible to ask you for a copy or two for batocera?
We would be happy to work on a port of batocera to Radxa Zero.
You can contact me directly here or by discord.
Batocera Link :
Batocera Discord :
My Discord ID : liberodark#0928

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Sounds amazing, would love to get one! I want to build a new product based on it, so it would be super cool to receive one of those units to start development as soon as possible. Preferred version is 2GB LPDDR4 with 8GB eMMC. Thanks a lot!

Wow, what a nice board!

My use case for it would be rather simple - put it inside a DIY audio amplifier to act as Bluetooth audio receiver and media playback device. I’d add a USB Gigabit Ethernet adapter and USB DAC, and expose HDMI as full-size on the back of the amplifier, as well as external antenna.

To implement this, I’d need one of the BT5 models. More RAM and more storage are always appreciated, but frankly I’d be happy with any BT5 model, since I originally bought OPi Zero2 for this project as the cheapest BT5 board, and Radxa Zero is clearly superior in all regards.

Would be happy if I qualify for a free sample, but truth be told I will probably order it anyway. (=

Would you like to send samples for some hands-on tutorials? Let me know.

Will it also support i2s sound interface on the expansion header? Or asking more generally: do you have a pinout description with expension header pins with alternate pin functions?
Br Steve

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Please! Take a look on Retroflag GPI Case and made this board compatible with it! The other Zero clones have problems with it because the dont have GPIO vídeo output as far i can remember…

This is really exciting! There are not many small boards like this out there, and this is much more powerful than any of the existing boards. I’m glad to see that someone is finally helping fill this niche. My goto board currently is the nanopi duo 2, but I’m sure this will replace that.

Too bad there is no camera interface. The one thing that the pi zero has going for it is it can do a decent job encoding video, but the specs say this can do 1080p 60 h265, which would be great. If/when the HW encoder is working, I expect it should be able to work with USB cameras.

How is the parallel RGB interface support on Radxa Zero?

I am starting a new YouTube channel devoted to SBCs. If there’s any possibility of receiving a discount or free 4GB board, I would happily switch my channel focus to this board.

I have seen a beta of a major OS for this board and would appreciate an opportunity to get a jump on creating content about it.

Thank you for reading my request. I hope to hear from you soon.

Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, most Amlogic SoC doesn’t doesn’t RGB interfaces. Even it has, the pin mux will not be the same as the Pi 40P GPIO.

Will it support Secure Boot ?

SD Card encryption ?

Any way to add ethernet support as well ?