CoreELEC support for Radxa Zero


A CoreELEC user has pointed out that you have released an Amlogic based device, and asked whether we could add support for it to our OS.

CoreELEC is a just enough OS for Kodi Linux distribution. It is the only fully functional Kodi media center based Linux distribution around for a wide variety of Amlogic hardware.

Our website:
And the link to the forum post that brought this device to our attention:

Would you be interested in working together to get the new Radxa Zero supported by CoreELEC?
We are sure that with the relatively low price and very small size of this device, it can be quite popular as a tiny, fully featured media center.


Somehow I missed this post :open_mouth:

We’d love to have CoreELEC to run on the Zero. Let’s work together to make it :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you’re in :slight_smile: I’ll PM you with some more details.

And a few days later, we have CoreELEC running on a 1GB and 2GB Radxa Zero.


Nice work. That’s really quick :smiley: