Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

almost closing out aug. any info on a shipping date?

I guess the Rock5B with the bigger mem could be a prob for some with

The IOSS process has a limit on the maximum value per order of €150 including shipping costs, therefore you are currently restricted from placing orders with us over this value.

Is this a possible indication that the RS Group might take on the manufacture of Radxa products?

Will there be an announcement when some of the Rock 5 units ship? I ordered the Rock 5 in July so I’ll probably receive it in a later batch. Just hoping that there will be news once it’s ready.

Is there any current ETA for when Rock 5b will ship?

In the meantime, I’ll be patient and keep playing with my Rock 4b 2GB and Radxa Zeroes.

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Ah well that was it okdo sounds not good not raxdical enough .

Augest is ending and is there a timeline about consumer batch of shipping? Preordered from ALLNET in Jan and still waiting.


I’ve also pre-ordered 16G RAM version on allnet for 5$. I already bought nvme module and wifi 6e intel chipset adapter for that single board.

I put that here

The Jan batch should be shipped in 3 weeks and we expect to fulfill all the pending coupon order in Oct.



We expect to fulfill all the pending coupon order in Oct.


How hard is installing Void or Arch-arm linux on this SBC? Yes, I hate Debian!


Dunno about Void but Arch-arm or often the easiest way is manjaro-minimal which likely will not be until mainline is in place.
The BSP is debian based so create your own install for void or Arch as don’t think one currently exists.

That is great news about October! How will this work, do we get an email or something from our reservation order from this spring, or do we have to keep watching for it and jump, hoping we dont miss it?

EDIT, i just saw that Jan reservations are shipping this month. My reservation was done 1/11, but not seen any notice to do the final board order.

EDIT 2; talked to the powers that be, yes we get an email to complete the process.


when will it start shipping,
i preorderd it in june 1st 2022

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Read the thread


You should package the u-boot and kernel for the os you like. You can learn from manjaro-arm:

order in Oct,…

Cool. Pre ordered my 16g version back in April . No one has answered your question about shipping because none of the “know it alls” on this thread have any definitive answers. I’ve read November. But who knows aside from Radxa

I suspect no one really knows yet. it will be more clear as they start pushing out the January and Feb orders. Once i get mine we will at least have an idea of average lag time ( mine was early January, one of the early birds ) + you got the shipping mess that slows things down too :frowning: