Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

They didn’t give any firm dates

expected Q2, 2022

Currently @ revision v1.4 and guess it will be as long as it takes.

July is soon first month of Q3, and ending !

Is there some videos showing real testing on these boards, showing real Debian in duty ?

They often get posted in the more social chat bias discord channel

No I mean I have a $50 off coupon for allnetchina I got this back in May 2022.

The promise was that you could order in Q2 2022 and we are now past that… has “sold out” as it has never been released yet…

so my question is has it been released as promised or not? I never got any email from allnetchina telling me I can now redeem my $50 off coupon

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There is written

expected Q2

Expected, not promised

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If my assumption isn’t wrong, you will get another email from AllNet regarding your order when it is ready for delivery, and there the total price will reflect the discount.

@thelinuxguy - Yes I totally get you’re perspective. Don’t expect any answers on this thread because no one has any definitive information. All the Devs are “busy” with their development boards and have been for approximately a month now. One developer posted his findings so far and from what he showed Rock5b is nowhere near ready for general public. I also felt duped because I purchased my 5 dollar discount back in late April expecting the fabled(kidding, kind of) Rock5b to be in my hands in late June because that is what I read and believed. Now I understand that the Q2 2022 release was for software devs not us regular folk.

@Compent- Facts! I feel very similar. The software devs on this thread won’t or can’t appreciate your perspective. Only about 5 to 10 percent of technology users actually care about what how or why something works only that it does what that user wants which is usually something non technical. Media viewing, sending receiving messages emails notifications, playing some sort of video game these are the things that 90 percent of the folks who purchase these devices will do with them. Technical mumbo jumbo is kinda cool to me but honestly I just want an upgrade to my two boards Rpi4 and Khadas vim3 respectively. Rock5b is an absolute game changer in comparison to these two boards.

Care to share the link?


My favorite software dev lol. Hello . CNX embedded software news. Rock5b developer edition preview.

So you’re talking about this.

Having in mind that @CNXSoft most probably received a slightly defective board what makes you feel Rock 5B would be ‘nowhere near ready for general public’?

Jean-Luc showed that a 5V/3A charger isn’t enough with NVMe SSD and peripherals (as expected and USB PD situation needing improvements anyway).

And missing GPU/VPU acceleration is also quite common with new SBC originating from the ‘Android e-waste’ world where sometimes SoC manufacturers only license Android libs for GPU and totally forget about Linux (not the case here and Rockchip seems a bit more commited to Linux than other SoC makers).

Thank you. “Most probably “ isn’t definitive my guy. Supposition and or conjecture. I can only go by info available. I haven’t spent my monies on another available sbc so I’m definitely waiting (not patiently lol) for Radxa because it’s just better than fireflys or khadas recent contributions in my opinion. Price point is quite appealing. I haven’t seen any other devs post anything recent about the Rock5b so why don’t you do it, assuming your dev board isn’t faulty or whatever?

Erm, what exactly are you looking for?

GPU&VPU is not yet available - it will be at least (i would expect more) 1-3 months before panfrost will advance

Cpu benchmark? There quate a few at the beginning of thread

Whole sbc stability? Hello, it’s dev party, the whole point is find them and, maybe, workaround.

Storage benchmark? There is a few pages up

Memory benchmark? Same

Whilst the USB-C PD charger issue is allegedly nailed down to a software problem, the proof will be in the fix, which does not seem to be there yet.

Bearing in mind that Mekotronics seems to have generally nailed down a decent hardware/software combination out of the box, unusual for new releases, there is definitely hope for the 5B but anybody reading through the Debug Party invitation thread could be forgiven for thinking that things have been quite the crap show for most of the time.

The petty squabbling over there does not help anybody either.

All in all, Radxa does risk tarnishing it’s reputation and making prospective users wary about a purchase of this particular SBC iteration.

Hearing this sentence, maybe the SBC is used in the hands, it may take 1-3 months to drive the GPU and VPU normally, then wait slowly, the CPU of RK3588 may be able to support it


NO PD,no problem,DC-12V

Not really compared to some other boards as its been pretty plain sailing with what was available a Rockchip BSP image.
The Debug Party is what it is and its going to scrutinise and exchange solutions and opinion, all your seeing is a fresh SoC with a Board Support Package and things are looking good.
The community and party have quite a range of neural diversity but is no reflection on the board.

1-3 months might be optimistic for a complete mainline but maybe someone might backport and hack out the current BPS, but it can often be a lotto of getting submissions in a kernel release to how fast things proceed. The Collabora folks might still be doing some final tidy-up with the m2 but hopefully the RK3588 will start getting some attention, but for me things are looking extremely good.

I don’t even think there is a PD problem with the board its just some of the cheaper PD models are a little more lose with the standard but as said DC 9 - 24v in with just a USB-C adapter fixes that.
Radxa are just looking at doing negotiation via uboot to encompass all even the cheaper PD models on the market, but so far there is nothing that ends in a cul-de-sac.

You are talking to me? In an answer to a post where I linked to that? Seriously?

Whatever that is. Just in case you’re talking about USB PD compliant USB-C chargers… I tested a bunch of them and with more recent OS images than the initial Ubuntu image (rock-5b-ubuntu-focal-server-arm64-20220701-0826-gpt.img) problems existed only with the expensive ones.

@dante4 No duh dude. I’m not some newbie wet behind my ears. I’m darn near 50 this isn’t paleobotany or advanced metaphysics. I can also read quite well and I’ve read all that over a month ago. My word stands. Rock5b is nowhere near ready. I read November or maybe September October for general release. So don’t wax authoritative like you have some revelation to purport. Get out of here dude. Get to work and get your stuff together. Clock is ticking time is money.

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I’ll write this and then get back to my successful business. Attention software developers- your work and contributions are tantamount and essential to this community. Y’all are invaluable and deserve y’all flowers. I personally thank you all. Blessings. That said in our world y’all not as important to the companies making these gadgets as consumers are because we spend the money and here on earth- money talks everything else runs the marathon. T kaisers constant complaining about android or Dante4 acting like some sort of know it all- know this - without general consumers, your work on the big stage is inconsequential. Good day