Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

I ordered a 8mb redeem from allnet china but do realise the RK3588 is supposedly a very complex chip.
Hopefully Radxa will provide thier own build root and support an image but likely this will be a long process as will be GPU support.

Still though for me this has the potential to be the 1st real ‘desktop’ as yeah I know I will get a ton of replies say Pi0 is a great desktop but for me even a Pi4 really is not a good desktop experience.
The GPU in this thing is a monster, it is a monster of a SBC but wouldn’t be surprised if it could take a year or 2 of frustration before a working DTS fully functional driver solution is in the making.

The redeem code is a great budget way for early adopters and presume that gives Radxa some helping revenue to get a 1st revision on the move.

Also I like the format with no crazy m.2 FFC and daughter board mallarky.

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I would say by looking at the x2 diagonal mounting holes round the CPU a reasonable heatsink is already being designed, that are those 3 pin fan headers on the edge of the board so its active and maybe not the biggest heatsink in the world, but bigger than a Pi stick on I expect.

Hello. I’ve been waiting for the 3588 chip for a long time. How to replace the current android boxes with Amlogic S922. I am currently using Ugoos AM6BPlus 4/32 and X88King 4/128. But I want more powerful hardware and a 64-bit Android.
Android will support 2.5K resolution(2560-1440-60/75 hz)?
Will root on Android out of the box. Well, in general, does it make sense to take the hardware right away, or wait six months until beta testers check everything?
Thank you in advance.
p.s. In Android there will be a root without crutches?

Without software and support, hardware is useless. And you want too much from a small Chinese company. That armboard, that android consoles, always, the fine-tuning of the software falls on the shoulders of the community and ordinary users. This is the specifics of this sector of the Chinese economy. And nothing can be changed here, neither on the part of users, nor on the part of Chinese small companies. If you want a different level of service, buy X86 + Win/Linux. They even have a crooked forum. :slight_smile: And do you want Linux and boxes to work as on X86, although there, without crutches.

Very excited about this!
Does the board support dual MIPI-CSI Cameras like two RPI v2 cams? According to the RK3588 datasheet this should be possible but can both FPC conenctors be used for camera inputs? If so, how many lanes of MIPI-CSI are available on each?

This looks awesome!!

Does the USB-C PD port support both display as well as other peripherals?

Hope shops will have an option to order such heatsink and/or cooler with boad.

be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO 4 :slight_smile:



p.s. Русские везде. :smiley:

That is why I said look at the diagonal holes as likely if they have designed the mounting points also they have designed a capable heatsink.
Radxa always seem to have some form of heatsink avail in the shop for there boards and expect they will especially as they have created mount points already.

The rated PSU is >15watt as the 8nm process creates a much faster low power chip than say the 28nm of the rk3399 so not sure as 15watt is relatively low.
Guess it depends if you are going passive or active as active coolers can be a fraction of the size of similar passive rated ones.

The biggest thing is likely to be availability as 8nm is the same process as Nvidia’s latest GPU’s and still has supply problems.

What is the voltage (range or singular) of the “PoE support”?


I would like to know the pinout of the 40 pin connector to evaluate possible uses of this card.
Is the same pinout as on the Raspberry PI?
What processor signals are connected to it?
I’m specially interested in audio signals available on the 40 pin connector.
Is the audio module of the processor the same as in RK3308 as it seems?

Looking at the pictures, it seems that there is a 4-pin connector por PoE, that doesn’t fulfill Ethernet normative isolation requirements (the user side ground plane is clearly too near the pins).

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@hipboi does Radxa have plans to produce some RK3588 SBC / SoM with 32GB RAM and/or more PCIe slots? I understand that it will be very expensive, but I am willing to wait and pay the price if it will be available.

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We don’t have plan for the RK3588 SoM yet because the footprint is too big. We have the plan for Radxa CM5 based on the RK3588S, which is smaller. The downside is, no PCIe 3.0 at all.

PoE input is standard, 48V, or you are talking about the passive PoE.



Can you please link/refer to these tests?

I had trouble making the HDMI work with the latest rockchip kernel for rk3568 which uses VOP2.
Maybe the public 5.10 can work now… That’s why i asked hipboi’s kernel tree…

No official data yet.

Would it be possible to attach NVME SSD to RK3588S?

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Sure, it’s still two times PCIe there. But you ‘downgrade’ from Gen3 x4 to Gen2 x1 or in other words: 1/8th the (theoretical) performance. Simple solution: use a crappy SSD and the difference isn’t that much :slight_smile:

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there are two PCIe Gen2 lanes on RK3588s (according to the news) and I wonder if these could be used together with SSD drive.500-800MB/s read speed will be enough for my usecases