Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

Order back in may, just got it in the mail today

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Any news on preorder items? waiting on case and wifi


Got my v1.42 Boards from @ameriDroid today!


I have also received a UPS tracker for my 8gb model, order number 52XXX, paired for March 1st.
Thank you @ameriDroid


Could anybody confirm, that the NVMe disk of the 2280 size fits into the board? Thx.

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I have put the Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB (2280 size) so yes. I confirm it fits :). You do need to find a screw i believe. I had no issues because i have a bag full of screws of all kind of sizes laying around.

rock@K-MPC:~$ sudo smartctl -a /dev/nvme0 | grep Model
Model Number: Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB

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Yep its standard 2280 size ps does anyone know if they are m2 or m2.5 screws as I did have one but me being me I should get in a few.
Tiny screws seem to be feral buggers as they bounce and run off somewhere and when you do find them they have nested and multiplied with screws you where unaware you had lost? If you do ever find them again.


delivered today!! thank you Ameridroid!!!

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i think mine is sruck between usa ans europe

Same as me… mine stuck in England apparently since the 25th of November

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Same here… and posteitaliane tracking code seems freezed :confounded:

Yep things are strange as I sent a package to Holland and the same has happened just seemed to of got stuck.
It would of been quicker to send to China…

Guys, someone has installed Ice cooler or a good cooler like in Firefly mobo to put Android OS and Overclock it with Franco Kernel Manager? I’m very interested if it’s boost 3588 up to 40% .
Unfortunately nobody of YT channels got this idea. If someone get Rock5B (i still didn’t receive 50$ discount) can post the Geekbench screenshot :yum:.
P.S. or was already did? Taki Udon and Eta prime showed GB5 SC value of 550, while on this forum and posted then on CNXsoftware showed a value around 643…

Works far better than the passive blue fan without a fan as due to the adjustable mounts its actually more central and covers the cpu and doesn’t need a thermal pad hack as it lies flat with standard grease.
Stress-ng maxes out out 75c as passive and doesn’t throttle with a fan your never really above 45c
With a fan its pure epic but likely the fan supplied as I got one without (prob stupid as the screws are also important) the 5v is going to need the right fan header. It will never get above 45c with a 12v on 5v @ approx 46% constant.

Ended up with some of these but actually just lazy and have a 12v 40mm on gpio ontop. So if you are lazy like me get a 12v fan that will run silent on gpio 5v or get a 5 v and chop and fit the right header as ZH 1.25mm 5v 40mm fans just seem hard to find.
If I wasn’t lazy I would fit a 5v as with this heatsink it really doesn’t need a fan so it can be off whilst 12v is permanently on.

@Oneofmany888 you will not be able to overclock as the debug party have already tried. Due to they way it works even a mild volt increase an OC just makes it go hot.
They gave in so don’t try as you will fail

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Hi all, did anyone get the TTL/serial console to work on boot, I am trying to make it work and it does not work on first try. I made a thread about it here: Which pins should go to TTL cable on the Rock5B?

just swap tx and rx it cant brake anything

Hi all so, the serial console works - great. Now the next question is this How make Rock5B's 22x30mm M.2 PCIe slot work on Linux? . Do you have any thoughts?

delete this post

you can just delete it by pressing the three dots and then the trash icon and it will be gone in 24 hours

those adapters are just problematic, You need reader that support it and none of build in pcie sd card readers are working with them, just get usb hs200 adapter - that one is far better than anything else.

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