How to use RPI CSI Camara v2.1 with rock pi4b?

We bought a RPI CSI Camara V2.1 and want to use it with ROCK PI 4b(RK3399) to do some computer vision task. The system is ubuntu server. We can see the video0-3 node in /dev. But not able to open it. I think maybe the system does not load the kernel driver module of this camara. Could someone help to figureout how to use it under ubuntu server?

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It seems that the Raspberry Camera is currently only supported under Debian.
Rock Pi FAQs
Can I use the Raspberry Pi Camera?

Yes. Currently the Raspberry Pi V2 camera, IMX219, 800Mp is supported. It works with Debian and Android. Please note that the camera is supported on Android tablet version only for now.

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Did you test also video recording on android? The quality is bad. It seems that it’s digitally zooming in? How can it be at the same format as taking a picture?

Dear @SunWukong, Wich kernel/distrib what working imx camera? I tried bunch of version, not working,