How to sound out with LINEOUT_R and LINEOUT_L?

I am absolutely fool about it.
If I connect my earphone jact to LINEOUT_R and LINEOUT_L, is it possible to make sound??
( I don’t know how to wire it. I just guess.)
I succeeded to make sound with my bluetooth speaker but I want to use wired speaker.

Yes, it is possible, sound quality is also quite good.

And I connected LINEOUT_R and GND to my small speaker which I tested before.
Then “pulseaudio --start” and “mplayer 1.mp3”.
But no sound out.
What else should I do??

I think this is related:

It works with 4.4.143-27-rockchip and later kernel.

I am using 4.4.143-55-rockchip.

When I use bluetooth, it can connect to pulse and make sound out.
But after turn off the bluetooth when I do “mplayer 1.mp3”, it can’t connect to [pulse] but [alsa].
And no sound out.

now it connect to pulse after “pulseaudio --start” again.
A0:[pulse] 44100hz 2ch s16le (2 byetes per sample)
But still no sound out.

  1. Install fresh debian. (Linux 4.4.143-55-rockchip)
  2. Update debian
    #apt update, #apt upgrade
  3. Install alsa-utils
    #apt install alsa-utils
  4. Add /etc/asound.conf

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 1

ctl.!default {
type hw
card 1

  1. Connect LINEOUT_R and GND to small speaker
  2. Install mplayer
    #apt install mplayer
  3. Play a sound
    #mplayer 1.mp3
  4. It is working.

I don’t know why it can’t make sound with pulseaudio but alsa.

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Post aplay -l

As pulse audio really lies on the top of ALSA then it most be settings, prob the index of the card you using.

Google pacmd set your defualt sink/source to the right index also.

If you follow the links from ArchLinux as thier wiki is really good you will prob find what your looking for and get a ton of correct knowledge about Linux audio.