Help with top hat not working

Hello, I first got an top hat that overheated when i turned it on for the first time and smoked and since then just received a replacement board.

I have connected the new replacement top hat and it does not overheat or anything however it does also not work.

When i have the top board unplugged I can see 51 when executing the command sudo i2cdetect -y 1
But when i connect the top board i dont see anything on the output of the command.

Im using an RPI4 and have tried different OSs and i am currently using raspberry pi OS.
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

The cable may be broken, can you find another one to test it?

Do you know what the cable is called? I will also test my current cable using a multimeter.

Could you help me?


I’m sorry that sometimes I miss some posts, and the cable is PHD 2.0mm (2*5pin, same side)

I can not find a cable locally could you guys send me a new one to test?
I do not know what the error is currently with the board but the problem still exists. Maybe the main board needs to be replaced?

You can contact Allnet for replacement. The main board looks to be good, just replace the cable and top-board.

Already got the top board replaced tho, but not the cable