Hardware Revision questoins

Could you provide more information on Hardware Revisions?
Great if you could address questions like this:

How many revisions are there? JMicron, ACASIS, others?
Which have chipsets that support FSTRIM/UNMAP? UASP? Which don’t?
Can we purchase a specific version?
If you’re not going to support all features on all hardware going forward… Which do you plan to fully support long term?

Looks like you have a ready place to make this information visible:

Currently, there is only one chip, JMS561, which supports UASP and not FSTRIM/UNMAP.

The difference between the two versions is that v1.1 uses USB-C power and v1.2 uses DC- Jack power.

The current version for sale is v1.2.

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Thanks for the clarifications.

My unit is labeled v1.2, has a DC power jack. and identifies as ATTRS{idVendor}==“1058”
So I must have JMS561, and the firmware update works as expected.

All is good, other than lack of support for FSTRIM/UNMAP. So looking forward to v1.3.