H/W Accelerated H264 Decode / Encode (V4L2)

Hi Radxa, thanks for making Radxa board possible!

I have been testing the emmc version, with Ubuntu 20.04 image provided here.

I understand the HW acceleration of H264 decode and encode is provided by the chip hardware through Amlogic Video Engine. May I know if Radxa already has firmware support for this engine, and support through v4l2?

In the current OS image, i can see a /dev/video0 device and seems to be a decoder, but only supports NV12 format. I don’t see any encoder.

Would be really nice if we can use the v4l2 h/w decode / encode fully in radxa zero, like what raspi supports by now!

I also found this link. Seems on Andriod it supports H265 HW decode pretty well, and H264 also decent.

Are we able to get this up on a ordinary Linux headless system as well?

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Only with legacy kernel with amlvdec blobs,

There is amlvdec driver in mainline kernel but it not stable yet still on staging.

Thanks! Great to know amlvdec driver is being developed in mainline kernel, do you happen to know when we will have access to that in mainline? Or is there any link to track the progress / status? Thanks!