Guide: use Intel Optane Memory H10 with Rock5B / pcie splitting

The Optane Memory H10 is actually a QLC SSD and an optane memory placed on the single board, each one occupies its pcie3.0 x2 bus. There are no PCIe switch / mux / cache controller on the board, just two components glued together

By default the m.2 m key slot is configured to pcie3.0x4 mode so only one component will be visible. In my case it is the optane memory.

To switch the slot to pcie3.0 x2 +x2 mode, refer to Rockchip_Developer_Guide_PCIe Chapter 2.3.2 and change the dts accordingly. Please note the reset_gpio property for the pcie3x2 node should be set to GPIO1 B7 following board design.

Also you can use this dtb I modified (44.8 KB)

NOTE The Optane H10 is power-hungry, if you encounter problems like power loss please use a DC power supply instead of PD supply!


Can you please share a diff of the pcie3x4 node in rk3588.dtsi or is there more to adjust?

Sorry but I have lost that file:upside_down_face:

Iā€™m looking at using a 512GB Samsung 970EVO Plus SSD.
I can get a 512GB Optane for a similar price.
How does the performance compare ??
Some benchmarks have the Optane a fair bit slower !!

Because 970evo is using 4 lanes and optane is 2 devices with 2 lanes each. Unless you understand why you need optane - use samsung

what I thought,

I was just wondering about this the other day! Awesome, glad to see it works :smiley: