Great new OS for RockPi4C, TwisterOS Armbian

TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1 patch is here.
Please note this is the first patch we are releasing that doesn’t need to wipe out/reflash previous build. Newest full 2.0.1 version it’s also been uploaded to main site.
Also, after updating to latest 2.0.1., there will be a TwisterOS Patcher icon that will be used to update to future releases.

To download 2.0.1 patch:

To download 2.0.1 full version:

Version 2.0.1 patch notes:

  • Added a proper software store
  • Added Twister OS Armbian Patcher app
  • Added Vivaldi and Gnome Software to iTwister themes dock
  • Fixed a bug in DynamicWallpaper
  • Updated Twister 10 theme icons
  • Updated Discord icon and shortcut
  • Updated Twister OS graphics
  • Updated README


  • chmod a+x
  • ./

wait 10 seconds, patching process will start automatically

  • It will reboot automatically once it’s completed.


Crysis on Rock Pi 4C running TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.0 with BOX86 + PANFROST.

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Revolt RVGL Game TEST on RK3399 with Panfrost on TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1 at 1080p(1920x1080) with Max settings.

can we build our own customised image of twisteros?
I’ve been searching but haven’t found if it’s possible.

Sorry, it’s not currently possible

TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.2. Patch is here.
Please note this is the second patch we are releasing that doesn’t need to wipe out/reflash previous contents from uSD/eMMC/NVMe

To download 2.0.2 patch:

Version 2.0.2 patch notes:

  • Switched to Ubuntu repository version of LibreOffice to enable GTK support
  • Updated Discord app
  • Updated Twister 10 theme icons
  • Added/updated Twister OS Wallpaper
  • Chromium Browser | 32-Bit mode playability supported

Instructions to update via TwisterOS Patcher App:

  • Launch Lightpad (F1 by default), then click on “Twister_OS_Patcher Icon

  • Click on “See Update

  • Click on “Install 2.0.2

  • Wait until prompted to reboot.

  • Enjoy



Photoshop CS5 running on RockPi4C with TwisterOS Armbian and Box86


what the Kodi version inside TwisterOS?
and what the difference vs Armbian?
Im looking for OS with simple XFCE with xrdp access + Kodi.
and seems TwisterOS will work?

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Kodi Leia 18.4, TwisterOS is an armbian mainline based build with themes and eye candy stuff, retro gaming apps, x86 and x64 emulation and video reproduction with panfrost graphics acceleration on desktop that works out-of-the-box. It runs great too. If you’re looking for something simple maybe Vanilla Armbian is best for you. There’s only one way to find out…

Is it possible to test Heroes 3 or Heroes 5?

We haven’t done it yet, Heroes 3 has an open source implementation.

Yeah i know,but it’s was laggy with 4.4 kernel with drm drivers from rk

*Twister OS Armbian version 2.0.3 update has been released!"

Version 2.0.3 patch notes:

  • Updated Discord app and icon
  • Updated Conky profile to show stats for 6 CPU cores
  • Improved audio quality of startup sounds
  • Added fix to address Box86/Steam GTK error
  • Added rice video plugin to Mupen64Plus
  • Added Twister OS wallpaper
  • Updated ThemeTwister to no longer require reboots when changing themes

Thanks to @dangeruss26 for his wallpaper contribution


  • Edit /usr/local/bin/twistver
    - sudo nano twistver

  • Change it to“Twister OS Armbian version 2.0.2” without quotes.

  • Ctl+X to Save it.

  • chmod a+x

  • ./


A full TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.3 image (2.5G) is now available for download from TwisterOS website .

Does the 2.0.3 patch need to be applied to the new full TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.3 image?

It does Not, you either do one or the other, never both.

  • TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.3 patch is provided to people who have TwisterOS 2.0.2 already installed and wants to update to latest version without wiping out any data.

  • TwisterOS 2.0.3 full image is provided for those who wants a full OS to be flashed into uSD(microsd), eMMC or NVMe and don’t mind about previous contents on storage media because those will be deleted it.


Im sorry but again - Is it possible to share some instructions for building Kodi on ARM platform like Armbian?
because box version of kodi which can be installed on vanilla Armbian via apt - it is Debian patched version and it has some issues.
so I decide to build my own version but dont know how to do it on Armbian.
I’ve googled a lot but found nothing working.
Thank you in advance.

Sorry we don’t provide that kind of support here. You may be asking in the wrong forum for it.

Box64 has been officially released. Box64 public repository is now available.

Box64 obviously will be included in next TwisterOS Armbian version.

Many thanks to Ptitseb from the TwisterOS Development Team

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