FYI: Disabling IPV6 on the Quad Sata Hat will disable your Fans

Learned this one the hard way; thought it might be useful for others in my situation.

Disabled IPV6 for downloading purposes, didn’t realize the GPIO pins used the IPV6 address as loopback.

Edit: I’m utilizing a Pi 4 on Linux 5.4.51 / otherwise vanilla Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian); 4 drives.

Thanks for sharing. Can you confirm that disabling the IPV6, the top board is working fine now?

Hey Jack; it’s the other way around. If you disable IPV6 the top hat stops working. You have to keep IPV6 enabled for the top hat to work.

I can confirm it works.

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Trying to to run my pihole without IPV6 resulted in same issue.
I followed this advice of pompopom

and fans are running fine without IPV6.

This software must by a truly ugly mess…