Feedback and problems


I’m trying the quad sata hat on raspberry pi 4.
Here are my feedbacks and problems :

  • the fan on the hat works a while, and no doesn’t even start. The cpu fan is working, the oled and button too.
  • the speed disk is ugly. In standalone disk, lvm, or mdadm, I can’t have more than 40MB/s in write. Not even 90MB/s in read.
  • disks are very hot. Hdparm can’t work to sleep the disks
  • the fan should be reverted for better cooling. I got 15°C less reverting the cpu fan.

ideas :

  • maybe it can be good to split the service between powering disks and oled/fan management. If we modify anything in conf file, restarting the service will make the disk detected as a new name and break the storage. Maybe it can be good to have a dedicated service to startup the board and disks and keep it running.

Thank you for your input. I would like to know what is happening with the fan not working, is it broken?

I don,t know. It was working the first day. Now i see almost 5V on the pins (black/red wire) on the fan, but it’s not spining