Fedora on Rock 5

Hi there,
I’ve ordered my Rock 5 and want to know if anybody has a working Fedora on this device.


Not yet. Maybe we should send some ROCK 5B to the Fedora arm team.


Hello Jack,
may be that would be a good idea. I hope I get my board till christmas so I can to do my best to install Fedora on it and report my success.

I’ve tried adding the loader / uboot files to boards.d and using arm-image-installer from a working fedora 37 system but it fails on ‘no u-boot files found’

I might try it again using the armbian uboot files.

Will watch this as I’d like to get Fedora running on the rock 5b.

looking for this aswell. I received my Rock5 this week and I am excited to play about with my first arm system.

I heard some enablement patches went into 6.1, but pcie support is not in yet. If it makes it into 6.2, once rawhide moves onto 6.2 dev releases it will be interesting to try.

Before then though, I suspect step 1 would need to be a copr repo with the enablement patches applied to the mainline/dev kernel.

They won’t have native install likely ever (RPi4 just now got raw image install availability).

The way Fedora handles ARM is through a list of supported boards and uboot files. We can add our own but I’m still failing in the attempt which makes me think there’s an issue with the current uboot file


Nothing special was done for the raspberry pi. What happened is that the kernel support was mainlined.

The same is in progress here, through Collabora. Once sufficient support is mainlined, the images should work.

A new complication could be SPI support in Fedora. Since I am new to the community and basically reading around, I may be wrong, but i think the long term plan is for distributions to not even need specific support for a boad, as the devicetrees and overrides are stored on the SPI as generically updateable firmware.

I will probably investigate around christmas/new years time, but until then following this topic to keep me informed.