eMMC compatibility for "ROCK 3a" and "Rock pi 4"

eMMC don’t require anything in SPI and it should just boot with correctly burned image,
I guess that it was just not flashed correctly.

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Hello everybody. Few days ago i bought “USB3 eMMC Reader” with GL3227E and after use this with emmc module I’m dissapointed. It is true - reader can read and write faster , but when I put it to usb slot I have to wait too longer … Dmesg gives me many I/O errors, GL chip is very, very hot and when I try to start my OS ( debain, slackware or WIN7) the boot computer is freeze. I can’t boot any OS from this redaer - moreover when I use cheaper emmc <—>microSD adapter whit the same module everything is correct. The most irritation for me is impossibility to use only main pinout ( GND, VDD, CLK, CMD and DAT0 ) to read in 1 bit mode … Wasted time and money …

Most of such software can also verify burned image, have You done that?
There should be no difference with cheap/slow adapter and fast based on GL3227E, checksums will tell You truth.

Yes I know it. But it is not the point - even whitout module dmesg command gives me lot of errors . maybe firmware should be upgraded … Maybe I had immproper emmc module - but why the device can’t read in one bit mode ? In database genesys logic there is information about that . Maybe this is a question for hardware engineers