Does the Radxa Zero have a camera option?

Is there a camera for the Radxa Zero? Or will it accept the Raspberry Pi Camera?

Will the Radxa Zero properly fit into a Raspberry P Zero case such that ports align?

The camera is USB only, s905y2 doesn’t have CSI

Ports are same centres but not the same and dependent on how tight your case tolerances are.

Rpi0 = mini HDMI, 2x Micro USB
R0 = micro HDMI, 2x USB C

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Is anyone working on a version of MotionEye OS for the Radxa Zero, so it can be used with USB cameras and WiFi for surveillance?

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I didn’t use motioneye or motion last time as had problems with it supporting the type of cam I had, was the same with Cheese but webcamoid worked.
But also because you can use it on different platform I used as for me " All our software is free for local use. For secured remote access see pricing." didn’t bother me.

I just needed something quick and set it up on a Intel Nuc but because I am a bit of a tensorflow fan I was a bit downhearted how archaic some of the detection routines compared to some of the amazing models that a radxa0 should be able to easily blitz.
MotionEye might of been fab when it was first released but it been relatively static since but that seemed true of a lot of the ready made apps and images when there are a load of great tutorials or ready made libs on pypi.

MotionEye OS is just a server build with the web part of MotionEye and the daemon part Motion installed.
Just install on on the Armbian lite version from @jack

pip3 install motioneye

The amazing advances in image detection would prob have me looking at a tensorflow-lite option and another one on my todo list one time. Then again many cheap web cams have socs embedded already doing much of it anyway.
There are some amazingly cheap 4k webcams ($20+) that likely you could pan to 1080p section with tensorflow.

The downside is usb2.0 max resolution is 1920x1080 images at 24fps and still don’t know if you can connect power direct to gpio and then use the usb3.0 for more bandwidth.


Not quite, so no. Radxa Zero has the SD card slot on the opposite side of the board to a Raspberry Pi Zero so the case slots do not line up, and the USB connectors are USB-C not micro-USB. Board dimensions and GPIO header placement are otherwise the same as a Pi Zero. I’m planning to fit my test board into a spare flirc Zero case: I have an OS flashed to the eMMC so I don’t need regular access to the SD card slot, and I plan to round/widen the edges of the USB card slots with a needle file so they accept the C connectors.

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I had forgot about the sd card.

Are there plans for an upgrade to the Radxa Zero which includes a CSI connector?

Yes, zero plus will have DSI/CSI.

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zero plus? Also amlogic meson doesn’t have csi support for g12A?

Excellent news! What CPU will the Zero Plus utilize?

Amlogic has strange naming rules, if the SoC name ends with D, means it supports Display/Camera. If it’s Y, then it’s a reduced version based on X.

D -> X -> Y

Based on my post above, you can guess :slight_smile:

Yeah I am sort of confused as to be honest even though D means little I thought that was an extra AI accelerator.

I know the Y is a cut down basic dongle style chip but in terms of camera in and video out D&X chips often seem identical (s905x2 doesn’t have DSI).

Amlogic S905D is my guess. Any idea as to an ETA?

Now if only it had the A311D, that would truly “Rock”! Perhaps Radxa should consider an A311D based SBC in the latout/format of the Rock Pi 4B, and call it the Rock Pi 4D. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: I suggested the A311D CPU because I’m not sure that there actually is an S922D CPU.

I’m not disputing the existence of the Amlogic S922X CPU, but rather I’m questioning the S922D. However, it sort of appears that the A311D is effectively an S922D for all practical purposes. Only the ‘D’ designated Amlogic CPU’s can have CSI connectors for cameras as I understand this from @Jack.

No it has a CSI and hence why Jack said its confusing as actually it means very little as some do and some don’t, irrespective of whatever they are called.
D on one model meant it had a CSI and not having D in the name doesn’t mean it does not.
There are also suffix letters that also seem to change the layout
Such as S922x-j which I think is mali mp6 and other bits, it confusing as hell but think what is planned does.

You can power through GPIO, using a pi-Sugar battery pack even works. Couple that with the RTC, and you should be able to set your radxa 0 to run in a form of deep sleep mode (zombie / sleepwalking). This could let a radxa 0 run 3 or more months in the dark, or indefinitely using a small solar panel.

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is there a battery pack you can recommend?
I only found some packs who only holds for 20 minutes or 1 hour. Is there a battery pack who works for hours?