Display does not show other drives

Good news is all seems to be working and the drives mount and are working correctly. But for some reason the only Disk shown on the top display is the root and it’s percentage. I saw in a video that other mounted disks are shown. How can I update this so that the other drives are showing their percentage used? Thanks.

This is the way I did,
If you know python, modify the function get_disk_info inside the file /usr/bin/rockpi-sata/misc.py
Instead of:

for x in conf['disk']:
    cmd = "df -Bg | awk '$1==\"/dev/{}\" {{printf \"%s\", $5}}'".format(x)
    info[x] = check_output(cmd)

you can hard code something like:

cmd = “df -Bg | awk '$NF==”/dev/sda1" {{printf “%s”, $5}}’"
info[‘sda1’] = check_output(cmd)
cmd = “df -Bg | awk '$NF==”/dev/sdb1" {{printf “%s”, $5}}’"
info[‘sdb1’] = check_output(cmd)
cmd = “df -Bg | awk '$NF==”/dev/sdc1" {{printf “%s”, $5}}’"
info[‘sdc1’] = check_output(cmd)
cmd = “df -Bg | awk '$NF==”/dev/sdd1" {{printf “%s”, $5}}’"
info[‘sdd1’] = check_output(cmd)

After that restart the service

sudo systemctl restart rockpi-sata.service

Hi. Thank you very much for your reply.

Full disclosure, I don’t know any Python. I tried changing the file as stated but I definitely did something wrong as the Hat stopped working all together. It wouldn’t turn on at all on reboot. Not sure if I removed the right line. Do I remove all of:

for x in conf['disk']:
    cmd = "df -Bg | awk '$1==\"/dev/{}\" {{printf \"%s\", $5}}'".format(x)
    info[x] = check_output(cmd)

and replace with what was provided? Or just from the CMD on?

Replace all of it.

To check for errors more quickly you can use the command

sudo python3 /usr/bin/rockpi-sata/main.py on

instead of restarting the service

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