Debian as arm64


One can only download Debian as armhf on your website where all libs and tools are 32-bit.
Could you please also upload an arm64 image with full 64-bit support, as described in your manual [2]?


Debian 下火狐(esr)用 apt 安装好了,但不能运行

I see the reason they put armhf at higher priority, because it’s convenient for migrating applications from Raspberry Pis, but yes arm64 should be officially supported ASAP.


You can download “Ubuntu 64bit server” and then install a desktop such as ubuntu-mate. You will get a full fledged 64-bit Desktop OS.


There is an image linked from the building debian arm64 thread and I’ve tested it out, it’s pretty amazing. Full graphics acceleration with newest version of chromium etc.