Custom housing for RPi4 + SATA HAT

Hi everyone,

I’m making a custom rack housing for an RPi4 + SATA hat. Besides the ability to rackmount the setup I added an OLED display (128x64px) + 3 buttons for controlling display output and with the posibility to launch scripts (manual backup, show status, set IP, …)
Now I have a few questions on the available connector(s) on the HAT.

  1. I have version 1.2 of the HAT so with a barrel instead of USB power connector. Since I turn the setup 90° the HAT and RPi will be on their side with the barrel at the bottom (perfect fit for a 2U). However with the powerjack inserted underneath it becomes a bit a waste of space considering the rack mounting. Therefore I was thinking on using the ATX connector and mount a chassis at the back of the housing. 4-pin ATX has however 12V-GND-GND-5V. Is the 5V used on the HAT? Or is that a NC?
  2. The 10-pin PH-D connector has 2 GPIO (17+23), SCL, SDA, 3.3V, 5V, GND, GND, a NC and finally PWM (apparently connected to GPIO13)
    Questions here are:
    Can I connect my OLED to this connector or will it conflict with your software I had to install?
    What’s the use for the PWM? Is it for the optional fan? And thus again I probably won’t be able to use it when I have installed your software?

I have read on the forum there’s minimal installation available. Will this installation give me the liberty to use that connector for my setup?

  1. Last but not least. Included in my package was a small fan with 3-pin connector with rather short leads. Is it for cooling a certain part of the HAT (and if yes which part?) or is it to be directed onto the RPi processor? And if I do the minimal install will this fan still be correctly piloted?

Thanks for your time!


Forget about 1) I previously missed the NC next to ATX connector…:smirk: So only 12V is used.

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  1. check the pinout here:

avoid to use the gpio used already. For the OLED, if it’s the same driver, then you can just attach it to the same pins as ours.

  1. The 3p fan connector is for the pwm fan.

Thx for your time.

Ok so what is printed on the PCB next to the connector is not correct (5V and 3.3V are inversed)

I would prefer using different GPIO then yours, but the HAT covers the RPi free GPIO pins, so I’m limited to using the 3 GPIO available on the PH-D connector

The 3P fan connector is for the fan, agreed. But is there a certain part of the HAT board that needs cooling (hence the included FAN) or is it the idea to direct it at the RPi processor?
Also: If I install the lite version of your software, as mentioned on this forum, will that fan still be properly controlled? Or isn’t that part of the lite software version?

I also built a custom enclosure, and I use the lightweight install, so I figured I would chime in here.

You are correct that the 5v and 3.3v are printed incorrectly on the PCB, I also noticed that during my install.

The included fan is for the RPi CPU, no part of the HAT needs active cooling. With a properly ventilated case this fan is not needed, I use a passive heatsink on my RPi CPU with a PWM controlled case fan.

The lightweight script only gives support for the SATA connections (pins 22 and 37), it will not turn on the 3P fan or the top hat fan connected via pin 33.

Personally, I also use the 10 pin connector since the GPIO header is blocked. I used the lightweight install for the SATA connections and I have my own script that controls a case fan via PWM using pin 33. In the near future I plan to add an LCD screen and I will also break that out from the 10 pin.

EDIT: I am actually not sure about the 3P CPU fan since I never used it, it may not require any software control and therefore run correctly with any install, someone else will have to answer this.

Thx for the update.
Currently waiting for some parts to come over with China express, meanwhile I’m going to 3D print my case.
I’ll certainly come back with feedback on how it went.