CPU Fan replacement (30x30 3pin with PWM)

Dear all

I was googling / searching around to find a replacement for the CPU fan without success on my SATA QUAD HAT kit.

It seems that there is no 30x30, 3pin with PWM around.

Anyobode who can point me to the right direction?


Did you find anything? Mine gone terribly loud and seems like it will stop soon.

Anyone found a replacement fan ?

I am going to build a pwm to analog converter so i will control a 2-pin fan with the pwm signal. Hope it will work.
look here: https://circuit-board.de/forum/index.php/Thread/25024-TUT-Lüftersteuerung-für-den-Raspberry-Pi-3/
To control i will not use the hystersis py script, i will use the script from here:
This should be a linear control … hope so.

Hi there,
yes, indeed … i was able to replace it with the fan i took apart from the GeeekPI. GeeekPi on Amazon