CPU & case Fan control

Hey there,
I’m planning to built a NAS with the Quad sata Hat on a raspberry pi 4 4gb. Currently I’m running a NAS on a Banana Pi but the transfer speed is limited to 40 mb/s, so I want to replace it.

I will use 3,5 " HDDs in a custom case, so I don’t use the top board.
I’m planning to use the Sata Hats cpu fan for the raspberry Pi CPU and a Noctua 5v PWM fan as a case fan.
I have now a few questions:

  • Can I use the public installation script for the Sata hat without using the top hat(oled, topfan).?
  • can I use the the installation script and the config file to control my Noctua fan, connected to the 10 pin connector?
  • is the CPU fan and the case fan controlled by the same signal? Which you can edit from the config file.
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Don’t. Use hardware that has PCI -> SATA.

I have a RPi 4 at home and don’t want to change the hardware.
Your answer doesn’t help me at this point, but thank…

I am not responsible if you have been fooled. My answer will not help your goal, no. But you might perhaps start thinking why I give you such advice?

Why don’t you use search function on this forum and google for more. Hint - search for troubles related to USB connected disks. Why you don’t you ask the same questions on lets say some storage experts forum? Are you an storage expert perhaps? Or just an average Joe determined to upgrade your NAS speed … and ignore everything else?

Rpi is good for many other purposes, where storage plays no role, like playing video, just not for NAS.

Hey Igor,
Thank you again Igor, but your answer doesn’t help me again. I didn’t want to make you upset.
I asked this questions here because I had some questions related to the fan control of the radxa sata hat.
Maybe I should just buy a ready NAS and don’t waste my time on my hobby, thank you that helped a lot.

  1. Yes you can use the install script without the topboard/fan. There ‘s even a ‘lite’ version without the topboard overhead.
  2. Depends on the way how you wire your fan.
  3. CPU fan and case fan are piloted from same python code and thus yes same config from the config file. However not wired to the same GPIO.

Hey Pompopom,
Thanks for the short and precise answer.
Have some nice Christmas days!