"Coral Edge" module to the "M.2 Wireless" slot?

Is it possible to connect the “Coral Edge” module to the “M.2 Wireless” slot?

For example, one of these two options:

M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU - https://coral.ai/products/m2-accelerator-dual-edgetpu/
Connector M.2 E-key (with two PCIe Gen2 x1 lanes)
Dimensions 22 mm x 30 mm (M.2-2230-D3-E)

M.2 Accelerator A + E key - https://coral.ai/products/m2-accelerator-ae/
Connector M.2 (A + E key)
Dimensions 22 mm x 30 mm (M.2-2230-A-E-S3)


No. For the N10, the M.2 E Key is for SDIO wifi only. You can use 3A for the Coral Edge module.



For N10, the M key(which is for SSD) may work with the Coral M Key module, but we did not test it.

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Yes, this works. I have tested it.

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How is this possible?
“M.2 Accelerator A + E key” requires a PCIe interface, while “ROCK Pi N10” only has SDIO wifi