CM3 + CM4-IO-BASE-B(Waveshare)

I want to use this board for cm3. But USB ports do not work with this board. Tried to switch boot. Does not help. On this works. The native Raspberry cm4 module is also ok. Who knows how it can be cured?

Hello.What system image do you use? Show me the link.

Hi. I am using Debian 10.

Thanks. Will check that and update to you.

I think that USB is not working because input 101 (USB_OTG0_ID) is not connected anywhere. Is it possible to programmatically connect it to the GND?

It turned out to solder this pin to the GND. Now everything works.

How you boot the board? by sdcard or eMMC?
I can’t boot the board with almost the same like you.

The only thing that didn’t work for me was the usb port. Everything is ok.