ChromeOS / ChromeOS Flex / Others

Hey guys for this new beast of a Single Board Computer Rock5 can we some how instal ChromeOS Flex?

Or only Chrome Shades of Linux?
FydeOS / Chromium / DahliaOS aka FuchsiaOS (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

Any suggestions?
My goal is to take the best performance for Google Stadia mouse and keyboard for the next upcoming game xDefiant.

FydeOS team already supports ROCK 5B.

Fuck Yeah. It got google play.
Does updates follow as google releases them or just works by FydeOS team?

FydeOS Team will maintain the build, Google chromium is their upstream.

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Its ordered.
Muito obrigado amigo. :ok_hand:

Oh man, what difference a day makes. RIP stadia.

There’s other cloud gaming systems out there. I’m all in for that. So bring it on.