Camera on Ubuntu


I am trying to get the Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1 running for 3 day now.
I want to use it with the OpenCV VideoCapture Class.

I’ve already build OpenCV for Ubunt. But with “VideoCapture cap(0);” i’ve got some errors. So I looked at the posts in the forum:,, and some others.
First I got some errors when I tried to open the camera, but in one post Jack from the Radxa team wrote the gstreamer-rockchip-extra library is needed. So I installed it in Ubuntu with sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-rockchip1-extra. With the library installed the error don’t occur anymore but the program won’t continue after the line with VideoCapture cap(0).

My next step was trying to build OpenCV on Debian ( but it always failed.
I’ve also tried install OpenCV with sudo apt-get install opencv4.0 and sudo apt install opencv4.0
but under Debian there are no packages available.

Can you help me getting this running?
Will there be a release of Ubuntu with raspberry pi camera support?
How can I properly install OpenCV under Debian or how can I get the camera running under Ubuntu?

Thank you for your help!

Carlo :slight_smile: