I’ve created a new repo for building a minimal sdcard for this board.
I compiles well, however I need some help getting the bootload working on the sdcard.

You can see it here :

If you prefer to use gitlab, you can see it here :

To build the image, it is really quite simple :

git clone
git clone git:// buildroot
source buildroot.rk3308/ yourPath/buildroot

The sdcard image is output at the end of the compilation.

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uboot is now building and the kernel is booting, however the console looses kernel output - missing a parameter in the bootargs to route the kernel’s console to uart0. See here :
Kernel bootargs

Their entire buildroot system is now working.
You can clone, make and install to SDcard. Then login as root.

The buildroot system now uses device tree overlays.
Add any overlays you want to load here :

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The buildroot system now has an example out of tree kernel overlay and module in place.

Just one (maybe stupid) question: would it be possible to build and run a 32bit version of this as well? I need to use some static libs that are only available for 32 bit arm.

yes it probably is possible. You would have to alter the build system. You would also have to check that the devicetree is there for 32 bit compilation. Some iuboot modifications may be necessary as well.

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