BSP Kernel 6.1 releasing today

Preactively starting this thread since Radxa‘s Community Manager said it on Discord

Looks like today was actually 21 days later but things are happening:

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aleluia ! It is about time !

RKBSP Kernel 6.1
Graphics … X11 works, apps in Wayland does not launch.
No WiFi and Bluetooth yet (RTL8852BE).


Checkout my fork of 6.1, I was able to get wayland working with panfork. I also enabled drivers for rtw89, so the RTL8852BE card will work.


Would it be also possible for you to expand your ubuntu ppa to provide kernel builds for Debian as well?

Maybe this is because we had a Chinese New Year holiday during the 21 days :wink:

Sorry for the stupid question, but what is the difference between the mainline kernel 6.x and the Rockchip’s kernel? Most chip drivers are present in the mainline kernel, so difference in supporting of proprietary units, such as NPU and VPU?

Does Rockchip provide official sources for BSP 6 with kernel? Link please?

Rockchip 6.1 kernel is forked from the mainline 6.1, as you know, the real world specific applications faces more challenge for a general Application Processor like rk3588, so additional work has to be done based on the mainline kernel code base.


That’s a way to put it. I’d rather say, that in the real world there is a lack of upstreaming efforts. Luckily due to (paid) work done by Collabora we are getting there and already reached a point which, where apart from the hassle to install a very current kernel manually, we reached daily drivable SOC support for the most part. Media engines and individual quirks of SBCs are still in development, though.


Is there a chance to get that kernel for ARCH in AUR or 7ji repo to update?

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Yes, just use my installer’s b05-dev image

It is already on 7Ji repo, the current package is linux-rkbsp (and also linux-rkbsp-joshua-git but it is now removed)

If you use my installer you can choose to install linux-rkbsp but as stated:

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how can I safe update just the kernel ? last time the kernel update with pamac ruined my system.
system did not boot anymore.

If u are switching to a different kernel, probably remove the old one first with sudo pacman -R ?

Then install kernel with
sudo pacman -S package

After that u need to update extlinux.conf

I have a code being able to install different kernel and update extlinux.conf automatically with my installer.

is the installer working on an existing system or is it ment to work on a new system ?

installer is meant for new system,

I am working on a utility that will allow you to do this on an existing system, (but it is work in progress, do not use it yet)

thanks and good progress
can you let us know when one can try it without a big risk

I’m researching the status of development of Rock5b and saw the notes of the M2 E being partial and the NPU being N/A

Does it mean the M2 E slot for nVME and the NPU are not working at the moment?

Or does it mean they work with Radxa’s built of the Debian image b39 works (because it’s a custom built Linux kernel with modules inserted and other ‘hacks’) - only it’s not push to the mainline kernel support?

I’m just recently coming into the Radxa / Rockchip world so please forgive my ignorance.

Are you mixing up collabora‘s mainline efforts with BSP?

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I think what you are looking at is the mainline kernel status posted by collabora

The Radxa (Rockchip 5.10) BSP Kernel has been working well.

While the new (Rockchip 6.1 SDK) BSP Kernel has been released recently where we face issues related to WiFi/Bluetooth firmwares, Graphics Acceleration (Panfork / Pancsf) and the Video Acceleration (Rockchip mpp)

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