Boot creation fails - Rock Pi X

Dear Radxa community,
I am a newbie with the Pi X.
I was trying to install Linux LibreElec and Linux Mint on the tf card, and always have problem with boot. In case with LibreElec - bios can’t see the card at all, and I have to reformat it with SD card formatter, and in case with Mint - I can’t load, because boot is damaged. And I have only a " grub > "sign after install. Are there any specific steps to install Linux distros on tf cards?
Thank you for your attention.

You can’t boot from sd card.

Thank you very much.
It’s sad, bad good that it is clear that it is not working, and you really help me spare a lot of time.

Best Regards.

So, I can’t boot from tf card, but I can boot from USB port, right? Could I boot from tf card loaded via USB card reader?

Yes, you should be able to do this