Android TV sound issue


I installed the new Android TV version on a rockpie 4 (1.3). And I have sound issues with allmost all my apps (games, emulators, shadow PC) and sometime with youtube. I had no sound first and I needed to change Bitstream sounds options to spdif passtrough. I checked the performance and it doesn’t seem to be push too hard.

Does anyone had this issue ?

Do you use a SPDIF sound system?
Then you must set the sound output as SPDIF.
But I don’t understand since RockPi 4 doesn’t have a SPDIF port for sound output, so you will get no sound if you set it like this in Sound Settings.

If you use the audio line jack, then sound can be set to Default.
Maybe the audio jack driver settings are not set correctly and cause audio problems, then Radxa can investigate.

If you only use HDMI tv sound or HDMI AVR, you need to set the sound output to Bitstream.
Tv sound output can also work on Default.

If you have sound issues, please post a logcat you take after it happens, you need root access or can use adb so Radxa can check if there is something wrong on your side.

Ok thanks,

For info I had sound working with lagging noise (before I broke the mini jack) in both mini jack and HDMI at the same time only on SPDIF, bitstream didn’t work in both mini jack and HDMI. I’ll investigate the logs with adb.
Does any know the difference (or know some documentation) about the differences between the 3 modes ?