Ameridroid Rock 5B Metal Case!

Yay Ameridroid has a Metal Case for the Rock 5B!

Personally… I dont like the green on it … and hope it can be used with the nvme ssd + wifi + emmc etc.

I wish… someone make something more cool/gamer style for the fans of PC gaming.

But this… is a good step forward.


What would the point of a cooling fan inside be, with a metal case? Let’s hope it has metal heat pipes and thus is enough for passive cooling. If you want a fan, you can just get a normal plastic case.
But regarding the color: Yeah, all black would have been better.

Yeah I have learned that today on radxa discord… I had in mind that even if inside a metal box that we could add a cooling fan but apparently it does worst when it comes to a metal case.

There are no notes on the metal case. So, unless it supports the poe hat, I’m probably getting the plastic one from allnet and not putting the top on. Raspberrypi Poe hat has the same issue with most cases.

According to Radxa, the case comes in contact with the SoC to dissipate heat passively. The RK3588 shouldn’t get that hot under normal use, but this should keep it nice and cool even under heavy load.


Thanks for the answer. It definitely gets hot under normal use with heatsink only, so I’m looking forward to the case.

i think i will buy one if a nvme drive fits

i just got my rock5 and also ordered this case. Its quite a pain to put together. The contact with the case heatsink is pretty tight, but i suspect a bit of thermal paste will go a long way.

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Need some help here, I got this case, its great… Fits perfectly once i get it together.

Now I want to swap out the nvme… and that means i have to open the case… but I cant figure how to open the case ! Do I start from the square tab bottom, or try to open from the clips end ? There wasnt any instruction guide or videos online so far…

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Questions about the case:

Images of the interior show what appears to be a solid metal riser that connects with the RK3588 at one end and the inside top of the case at the other end. Is this riser removable or do I have to use the milling machine?

Are there cutouts at the back for full width GPIO riser access and mipi csi/dsi cable passthrough?


The riser (metal chunk from the case to CPU) is not removable.

No cutouts. What you see on the photos in the green parts are the only holes.

Thank you, elvin! I can use it as a starting point and make additional cuts on the mill.

It works like a cooling block on top of the soc. I would however advise to put some cpu past between it. So far it does its work as i feel the heat on the metal case if i touch it.

So the case doesn’t come with a thermal pad like many other cases, and the Allnet heatsink do? Or does it just work better with some thermal paste instead of the thermal pad?

No it indeed did not come with any thermal pads or thermal paste. I lucky had some thermal paste laying around, so used that one. So this is how it comes with. I ordered two metal cases from Allnet, so i am not sure if the heatsinks do come with a paste or pads. It is very sturdy metal i must say.

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does it also come with an heatsink for the ssd

No, no heatsink comes with it. However, the space between the M.2 NVME SSD and the metal case, is very tight. So you could even put just a thermal pad on it that it would connect to the metal case (measurement is in mm/cm). I do believe i will be doing that in the future. The microsdcard is easily being put in and can be taken out. What else you guys want to know?


thankyou and it looks like the power button isnt reachable

Yes, i used a tooth pick (it does the job). I think this is also better, instead of pressing it by accident.

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yes thats right if you want to use it as server