After power failure, only 2 drives show up

Hello there,
I am using the QUAD SATA HAT (v1.2). I updated the JMicron firmware to v8.1.3.6 on all 4 ports.
I use the script to make OMV detect the disks’ names and manufacturers. That’s all good.
I have a RAID10 array, and works flawlessly.

However, when a power failure occurs (something which happens more often that I’d like in my area and my old house), pretty much every time, the PI only detects 2 disks upon that first boot after the power cut. I have to manually SSH into the PI and issue a reboot (normally one, sometimes more) to make the Pi detect all 4 drives.

Please have a look at various outputs such as lsblk, rockpi service, and dmesg, here: (it gave me an error about posting 2 URLs … :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


Line 405:

[ 89.957511] usb 2-1: SerialNumber: RANDOM__A879645F5DA5

This means you have to unplug and plug in again the USB adapter.
Try to clean it from the dust.

Not to sound ungrateful but…how come that dust is not present after I reboot?
Dust is not the reason anyway, the Quad SATA NAS is in a cupboard with no dust, and it’s been literally 2 weeks since I plugged it in.

There must be a better reason out there for this to happen. I’ll keep looking.

Thank you anyway!

It happen with me sometimes too.
After a reboot, every HDD can connect without any issues, but sometimes I need more reboot.

I don’t know what is the magic.
Usually, when I can’t start it with all HDD, I power off it and just push and pull a little bit the USB adapter, then power on.

It’s possible the vibration from the HHD loosened the USB adapter.

Sorry old thread… but I finally got a raspberry pi, lol. I have the same behavior… now i reboot, all 4 show up, but it has to rebuild raid 5 on the 4th drive again.