Zigbee Shield on Rock pi 4 B

Dear Community,

I would like to set up a Zigbee shield on my Rock Pi 4B board, this shield uses GPIO (1 to 10). I believe Rock pi has the Serial Console enabled on the UART(GPIO 8 & 10), Am I right? If yes, How can I Disable Serial Console?
I am using https://armbian.site-meganet.com/dl/rockpi-4b/archive/Armbian_22.08.8_Rockpi-4b_bullseye_current_5.15.76.img.xz

Not sure if yes / how, but did you ask Armbian forum and its extensive knowledge base https://forum.armbian.com/search/ ? I am pretty sure you are not the only one with such question related to (probably) all Rockchip based hardware. Armbian support starts when you apply power source …