Zero 3W - no video out

Just received my Zero 3W, however there is no video out from the HDMI port. I verified the cable works with another device. The green LED is blinking which would tell me that the OS is loading. I have tried both the Debian Bullseye desktop and Ubuntu CLI images, with no luck on video.

Any ideas?

I see the Green LED flash when booting my Zero 3W from the SD card… never seen red.

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Oops, should have said green. I have corrected my original post.

I use the Raspberry pi “Imager” program to write img.xz files to a SD card. I do this on my x86 Ubuntu machine ( sudo apt-get install rpi-imager ). Worked great for my Zero 3W SD card.

I believe the install onto the SD card is good (evident by the blinking green (not red (my bad)) light).

I have a USB c otg cable in order, will see if I can get connected to it and working headless.

So it is up and running, sans video. OTG cable got me connected with ssh. Seems to run well, but still cannot get video out to work.

Also got the Debian image installed to emmc.