Zero 3W Camera fpc 22-pin NPU

Radxa team, can you please share info about the camera and the pins (fpc cable)?
Allnet had no camera available when the board was ordered…

Hi avaf, we are. beginning to product the camera, if you want to use now ,you can buy the rpi zero fpc + rpi imx219 camera as a alternatives, the fpc is the same with rpi zero.

Thank you for the info. I just ordered the fpc to use with a spare imx219 sensor i have here.
Getting two samples is always a good idea, just in case you burn something.

I changed the subject and would like to ask about the NPU, Rockchip docs show rk3566 with NPU but @hipboi stated some time ago there is no NPU for this chip, is this variant of rk3566? Can you clarify?

I found the Cubie statement on CNXSoft about rk3566 1.6GHz x rk3566 1.8Ghz and NPU.
TBH i thought it was only CM3S…

CNXSoft still has NPU on Radxa Zero 3W Specifications.

The NPU in RK3566-T(1.6GHz) is by luck. In the chip die testing and packaging, the NPU block is not tested or filtered, so it may work or not. From our experience, most rk3566-t chips has NPU working properly but we can not guarantee that since the datasheet does not mention the NPU.

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I got the FPC cable and tested it with a spare sensor i had here.
This FPC connector and the FPC cable i received are perfect. You can twist, bend, move, and pull and the connection is still working. What are the chances of Radxa incorporating this CSI connector and the Rock 5B DSI connector into the Rock 3A board (maybe Rock 3T with thinner Usb connectors or only two USB connectors?), we can have a very slim board.

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