Does Zero 3w/3e support NPU/RKNN?

Does it support npu?
Can it work with rknn models (rknn toolkit 2 for rk3566)?

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The Zero 3W supports NPU. However, it is disabled, nor does it appear in rsetup.
To enable the NPU, you need to install the proper overlay.
Use the following commands:

$ sudo cp /usr/lib/linux-image-5.10.160-26-rk356x/rockchip/overlays/rk3568-npu-enable.dtbo /boot/dtbo
$ sudo u-boot-update
$ sudo reboot

Please note that the RKNPU needs a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

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I don’t find any source code or reference to in the radxa kernel 4.1. And no vdd_npu for zero-3w.
Can you point to the kernel tree and rk3568-npu-enable source for reference?

Never mind, NPU seems to be detected on my board, let’s try something with it and see if it works.

[ 10.825591] RKNPU fde40000.npu: leakage=5
[ 10.825638] RKNPU fde40000.npu: pvtm = 89000, from nvmem
[ 10.825654] RKNPU fde40000.npu: pvtm-volt-sel=2
[ 10.826717] RKNPU fde40000.npu: avs=0
[ 10.827088] RKNPU fde40000.npu: l=0 h=2147483647 hyst=5000 l_limit=0 h_limit=0 h_table=0
[ 10.827333] RKNPU fde40000.npu: failed to find power_model node
[ 10.827547] RKNPU fde40000.npu: RKNPU: failed to initialize power model
[ 10.827664] RKNPU fde40000.npu: RKNPU: failed to get dynamic-coefficient