Z3W on Debian lost wifi after *apt-get upgrade*


I got one of my 2 new Radxa Z3w installed with the latest Debian distro from Radxa. After playing a bit, including setting up wifi and browsing, I ran “apt-get update” followed by “apt-get upgrade”. Everything went well with no errors and after a reboot the system seemed a lot snappier and I had acquired some new apps installed.
However, no wifi and no BT. A review of “nmcli” shows only local loopback. Net config still shows my wifi AP and SSID. Also, “nmcli g” lists the wifi configuration but its state is “disconnected”. I have not been able to bring the connection up. Anyone got any ideas on the issue and how to resolve?

Thanking all responders in advance.

BTW, BT is no bueno as well.



You cannot use apt upgrade command on our system, since this command will not remove packages to meet the dependency requirement, which is essential for us to keep iterating our systems. This is a common trait shared by other Debian based custom systems like Proxmox VE.

The best way is to use rsetup though.


Thank you for your response. However, I am a bit confused with your response. Your last statement…" The best way is to use rsetup though", are you saying the “best way” to resolve my issue with non-functional wifi is through rsetup? Or the best way to update the system as an alternative to “apt-get”?



The best way to update the system. Sorry if that was not clear.

You could try running rsetup to see if fixes the dependency issue. Otherwise you will have to reinstall the system. We cannot guarantee to recover an inconsistent system.