Yocto layer for Radxa boards

Hi. I’m maintaining a yocto layer called meta-radxa. Currently it has support for Rockpi-4, RockPi-S and the RockPi-E. Here is the link to meta-radxa if you want to build your own image. I currently don’t have the RockPi-4 and the RockPi-E and hence I’ve not been able to test the current builds. If anyone is up for testing these builds here are the images.

RockPi-4 Thud Builds

RockPi-E Thud Builds

Would really appreciate if someone could send me the console logs of it.



I’ve updated the boot.cmd and uEnv.txt for RockPi-E in the meta-radxa layer. The board should boot up now. Anyone up for testing please use the link above and do send the debug logs. Serial console should be available on UART-2.

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A quick update:

There was an issue with the trust.img for RockPi-4 and RockPi-E. That has been fixed and the images have been updated on the above links. I received my RockPi-E(D8W2) sample today and have tried the fixed RockPi-E builds. They work perfectly fine. So you can now build your custom image for the RockPi-E board successfully using the meta-radxa layer.

Hi, @nish

I run system image, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mt9f47u5mkm7kpz/AADV3EIY3nolImBpigmktMUOa/radxa-console-image-rockpi-4b-rk3399-gpt.img?dl=0 on ROCK Pi 4B. The Ethernet, HDMI, USB and so on are working well. But there is one problem with Wi-Fi connection.

From the boot log, I find that there is not AP6256 firmware in /system/etc/firmware/ directory.

To fix that, you can get the AP6256 firmware from this package, https://github.com/radxa/apt/blob/gh-pages/stretch-testing/pool/main/b/broadcom-wifibt-firmware/broadcom-wifibt-firmware_0.6_all.deb . And add the following three files in /system/etc/firmware directory.

root@rockpi-4b-rk3399:~# ls /system/etc/firmware/
fw_bcm43456c5_ag.bin  fw_bcm43456c5_ag_p2p.bin  nvram_ap6256.txt
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Hey @Stephen

Thank you for taking time out to test the image for RockPi-4. Yes the firmware for AP6256 was missing. I’ve included the firmware to the new builds and also updated the meta-radxa layer for the same. The wifi for RockPi-4 should work now. If you want to try it out here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/767wgi4ktgbo6rr/radxa-console-image-rockpi-4b-rk3399-gpt.img?dl=0