Xrdp does not work

I have Rock Pi E with Ubuntu 18, and I have tried to run XRDP to connect with GUI from my Windows 10 PC. I get the XRDP welcome screen, enter login/password, and get black screen, and then connection breaks.
var/log/xdrp.log and xrdp-session.log do not show anything suspicious
Do you have any ideas ?

Tried on Armbian?

So, you did installed desktop, right?

Did not try on Armbian.
Unfortunately, it looks like I installed server version.

Probably yes
I use this:

I have installed MATE, and it works OK now, thank a lot, gents :slight_smile:

yeaaah,you were trying to connect to non-existing GUI. XRDP was just a tiny bit confused. Something like

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I did. And it worked great out of the Box! Truly awesome experience with Armbian. All one needs to know is armbian-config command.

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