X2L no reaction to power button

Hey, just a quick question. My X2L doesn’t react to pressing the power button.
I have to reconnect the power cable to turn it back on after turning it off.
It doesn’t matter if I only press the button or if I hold it. Is there a trick to it or something?
Otherwise everything works fine…

Hi friend, the power button should be work press one second.
Can you try to press the power button in windows to make sure the key is working first?
PS: Normally shutdown the system then press the key to boot

Yeah. It does work while the OS is running. I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.
Click -> shutdown prompt, hold -> power off. So perfectly normal behavior.

Long-pressing the power button to shut down is not the normal shutdown behavior. We do not recommend this operation.
You can adjust the power button behavior in the power settings of Ubuntu. After a normal shutdown, you can power on the system by simply short-pressing the power button.

Every computer shuts down when you long-press the power button, that’s why I’m calling it normal :slight_smile:
Also, the way that the system is shut down has no influence over how it turns on electrically-speaking.

I do not wish to adjust the power button behavior since it’s not related to my issue.

I already stated that the system does NOT power back on by short-pressing the power button and that I need to unplug and plug the power cable back in to power the system back on.

Long-pressing to shut down may potentially result in data loss for running processes. There are many related issues that can be found by google.
Anyway, this phenomenon does exist.

I’m NOT asking how to properly turn off a computer.
Can you please not assume or act as if I’m seeing a computer for the first time in my life?

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I apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will try to fix this issue, and we will notify you if there are any updates.

Okay, thanks. Well… In the end it’s just a convenience issue so nothing truly important…

Feels like turning the board off also cuts off the power to everything.
Maybe some power IC gets disabled…

Anyway here’s a video so that no explanation is necessary.