X2L few distros

I spent a lot of time using the Radxa X2L and installed a few distros.

I started with Debian without a GUI, tested a bit (Docker + Portainer + PostgreSQL + …), and it was okay. Then, with tasksel, I installed KDE Plasma. I should explain that I am working from home and can choose the computer I want to use.

I spent 2 weeks with this setup and was happy except for no wifi, with some USB stick or an Intel AX210.

I installed Zorin to have a look. The AX210 is working, so wifi is functional, but Zorin is too slow. There are some lags, like 2 seconds where the system seems paralyzed, and worse, I lose the screens (I use two 27" monitors connected to the X2L). I mean, the screens seem to have no signal for about 2 seconds, especially when I use the terminal app. Well,

Now I am installing Ubuntu. I don’t like Ubuntu too much these days, but I want to see how it performs with the Radxa.

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Installing Rocky Linux now, seems to be going fine.

Rocky Linux 9.3 is running fine with a single 3840x2160 monitor, no lags or glitches. I wouldn’t expect the graphics capabilities of this board to be up to anything like gaming etc, of course. https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Intel+UHD+Graphics+600&id=3876