X2L Case or pcb 3d model release date

When will the case of x2l be released? At least plz release 3d model of pcb, then I can print one simple case.

At least, if we have a file with some dimensions, I can ask my wife design a case.

Found… Ok, let’s design something.

Edit: printing a bottom, v0.0.1… It’s 22:00 here, tomorrow we will see if it fits. If yes, I will share the design.

I’ve printed one just now. Maybe some bugs exist, but it works with my 3d printer.
radxa_x2l_simple_case.zip (63.3 KB) t.


Ha thanks! Where did you find the files?

I’am printing right now…

Draw it by myself, based on official 2d dxf files.

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Do you plan to push the files somewhere like thingiverse or other platform?

Nope for now. Modify it as you want.

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Thanks. Printed the bottom today, but not installed yet. Toooo tired, time to go to bed.

One thing I do most of the time, I add something in order to be VESA support compatible. Will not have enough time during the week, we will see next weekend.

Printed the top today, fits perfectly with the fan.Thanks a lot, thanks for your design, your time and your sharing!

There is a git now for 3D case.

We added few things to your first design.

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Any suggestion what screws we should be using to secure the board with this iteration?


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Thanks for your question… I am feed up with screws and I simplified my life with Blu Tack or equivalent. Faster for box opening and I am not spending my time searching in the screw box.

Also, I found something interesting from my point of view… Let me grab the pictures…

Dual screen install at the factory:

Interesting little stand. I’d be ready to grab and print that straight away if I hadn’t had my printer’s extruder die of a vicious filament overflow.

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This is why only one 3D printer is not enough :smile:

Guys, I’ve added the VESA x100 support for the bottom and other things.

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