Wlan0 mac address is not static

Question 1:
p2p0 After connecting the restart mac the same, but each time wlan0 has changed, whether the bug, if not how static mac.
This is p2p0 connect both mac address:
This is the mac address after the restart, p2p0 automatic connection on:
Wlan0 mac can see the change when I use

nmcli dev wifi connect "mi8" password "12345678" ifname wlan0

Will not automatically find connected to the hot restart, the connection will be given manually mac mismatch. How to make the wlan0 mac static.

Question 2:
ip command in /etc/rc.local invalid but ipconfig, route command is valid, really strange, how did not install net-tools will take effect, installed iproute2 Why ip command does not take effect.

The following can be seen net-tools facility is not installed by default:

But it takes effect in the following command in /etc/rc.local:

Forgive me for using a machine translation of English。


Forgive me if I misunderstand.

In the first screenshot you posted, the command you used was ipconfig
While in the second screenshot the command is ifconfig

AFAIK ifconfig and ip are valid commands. ifconfig is older and can be found in the net-tools package. ip is newer and can be found in the iproute2 package.