Wireless questions


I thought I posted this last night so I’m not sure what happened.

I would like to pick up a radxa but I have a question about what model to order. If I choose external wireless does the board still come with on board wifi? I would like the option of adding an external antenna but not if it means the board does not come with wifi.


According to https://github.com/radxa/documentation/tree/master/rs102 all models have a WiFi chip but there are no physical connectors for an external antenna on the board. I’m also not seeing any obvious pads where cables could be soldered, but my board is an early sample so perhaps that will be fixed in later production batches (Radxa would have to comment).

Check the sku&model here: https://wiki.radxa.com/Zero/hardware/models

All version has wifi, the version without header has external wifi antenna.

If a uFL connector is soldered on for external antenna, will the onboard antenna continue to work too? I would like the option to use either onboard or external antenna at whim.

I have the same question. Can I solder uFL connector ? DO I have to remove onboard antenna ?

You add solder the uFL connector and remove the on board chip antenna(the blue chip).