Windows boots up on ROCK 5A

I played with UEFI as soon as I got my hands on the ROCK 5A and added initial support for it.
It didn’t require much work to be done before booting windows just like other 3588 boards :smiley:
I would do some refactoring work on the pcie code in the uefi repo when I got free time soon

BTW, this board is a sample RADXA sent to my bf @strongtz, who mailed to me then. Huge thanks to RADXA!


Looks nice, hopefully we will see Rock5A soon ready to buy :slight_smile:

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The reason why i purchased this board was for multimedia. Now that i see Windows on radxa now i want to use it too :slight_smile:
Nice job!!! :slight_smile:

Nice job! :star_struck::muscle:
It’s still missing some essential win drivers right?

Missing lots of essential drivers lol