Windows 10 usb boot

It’s possible to boot windows from hdd or ssd through the usb to msata adapter? I’ve already windows in another hdd and wanted to boot from there.

I have the adapter and tried to connect and setup the boot order in bios, but the hdd does not show.

Does the hdd has bootable image there? You can install OS to the HDD and in bios menu, you will see the option to boot. If you install boot manager such as GRUB, you can select different OS.

The windows is already installed. Shoud I install grub to boot?

You can install Linux alone side with Windows with GRUB.

I installed Windows 10 to the eMMC, but I still can’t boot from the other hdd which has windows. It’s possible to partition the emmc with gparted live and install grub?

I googled, it seems all grub installation method is under Linux. What your requirement? I think you want to boot two Windows?

I want to boot my windows which is installed in a ssd. I have the msata to usb adapter, but i don’t know if it is necessary to use a specific driver or adapter.I installed win10, in emmc, with the Media Creation Tool. The wifi is not showing up even at the device management, but I only need the ethernet for my test. I’ve bought with the heatsink too, and by the way my complain with the heatsink is only with the brass (golden?) screws, they shouldn’t be that long i think, because I’m using thermal paste since the package didn’t came with thermal pad, I need to improvise to hold the board with the heatsink. The screws are designed to hold the board with a thermal pad of 1.5mm~mm not with thermal paste.
Sorry for my english :grimacing:

Can’t you boot it?I have also done installing Windows on SSD,find out why it doesn’t work. How did you install Windows 10 on SSD?

I installed the w10 in an ssd in another notebook with the media creation tools from microsoft.I took the ssd out and then I used a usb to msata adapter to connect to the rock pi x. It didn’t boot, not even reconigze the ssd with w10.

Okay,try what i did.
I’ve done it many times,my computer can be booted,try what I did, my computer can be started and it works normally.