Windows 10 on ARM

Looks like full versions of Windows 10 can install on ARM devices, has anyone here tried it? I’m curious about drivers and the x86 emulation.

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Hi, i tried the raspberry method (WOA) even knowing is not going to work (because im pigheaded), of course it failed, then gogling i noticed that there is another project (WOR) and that tool let the user choose drivers and uefi, so the tool to create botable images is already created, but i think we lack the drivers and rockpi4 uefi, as u can see my skills are low, so all i can do is test images and follow tutorials, dont have habilities to build these 2 components needed to build botable image, for me is very interesting to have windows 10 on that board becouse opens a lot off posibilities, if any talented and with time and energy is interested to have windows 10 arm64 on that board maybe is possible to see, cya all (sorry for grammar erros etc, english its not my native language).

Quick answer. No.

Long answer: you can’t use any hardware acceleration. Everything will be painfully slow.

It is possible. It’s just a lot of work, but once somebody does the work for the RockPi, then everybody can use it.
I’ve looked into it yesterday. All the tools are available to make drivers and so. But for now it’s mostly aimed at Qualcomm Snapdragon. Microsoft want’s “Always on Devices” with arm64 architecture.
Windows runs great on it, they’ve got arm64 compiled software. But also x86 emulation.
It’s impressive. But the question is if it’s going to trickle down to the RockPi/RK3399’s? They should be able to run it well.

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You can compare technical parameters. Snapdragons a WAY more powerful, than rk3399. In every aspect of this. You can check how does raspi performs with win10. It’s even below 6 years old Intep atom processor.

The big thing is drivers right? I’m assuming that the drivers are compiled per OS, so one would need the source code (which we do not have?) and compile it using Windows libraries. Or is it more involved than that? I’m unsure if it’s in the domain of the RockPi4 creators or more so for ARM/other component manufacturers to develop themselves.

Are you now comparing the RK3399 with the RPi 3B+? Indeed the Raspberry isn’t powerful enough. But that’s got 1GB ddr2 ram, slow SD-card and only USB2 speed. Yes the Snapdragon is a lot more powerful. But what’s possible on that is possible on other arm64 SoC’s.
I hope to see work being done for the RK3399 for this. But it mostly relies on what Microsoft wants to support. If there are devices using the RK3399 in that list. Then we’re close to getting it working on all RK3399’s.

I first thought it would never happen. But after reading a lot and watching some talks about it it seems they really want to roll out on arm64.
Everything is there to write drivers and compile arm64 windows software. I might take a closer look into it.
I love SBC’s just because it’s another world compared to the x86 windows dominated world. I don’t know if I really want Windows on my arm SBC’s.

Rockchip is something that being used in Chromebooks, i don’t think microsoft that generous. And i’m talking about raw perfomance. RasPi is 4 cores, 1.6 GHz, rk3399 is 4+2 cores, with 1.2 and 1.8. Everything else doesn’t really matter, because even with help from community, RasPi don’t even have GPU drivers under Windows, which leads to software rendering of EVERYTHING. You should already know, that x86 apps even with snapdragon chip are slow. And how much snapdragon have? 8 cores with 2.0 Ghz?

My point is that yes, technically it’s possible to adapt that for rockpi4. I can’t argue with this. Will you able to actually work with this? No.

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I know I am being rather optimistic or maybe even Naïve, but there are some newer System on Chip RK3399 boards to go with some Development Boards (and complete boards) that incorporate M.2 (as mini-pcie for SSD and wireless modules) and even a PCIe X4 slot (Probably for SATA, NVME modules, and additional Wireless modules, and portable 12v 5a lithium battery supply); but there is a chance that with windows 10 operational, you could slot in a micro GPU card and use the Nando custom BIOS to allocate large area memory from PCIe compaction and you could use a real GPU for visualization, and even GPU computing. I think most of you guys are overlooking the big picture that Windows 10 brings to the table; it’s the fact that many of the problems, or limitations you are listing have already been solved hundreds of times on slow systems in x86 land, and windows is a very useful gateway to tackling these problems.

I am in a great need for Windows 10 to be finished for the rk3399 systems, because our prototype model for a new upcoming telecommunication device needs windows applications to have our realistic goals met. Anyone who is on this, I would be more appreciative than you can possibly know, this is super important for us to get this prototype finished for all our application needs. PLEASE HELP!!! :]

EFI isn’t part of the Rockchip Uboot setup and there is no such thing as Bios.
I guess you could have a look at porting coreboot in place of uboot

But not seen anything for the rk3399 or even if anyone is even bothered or requested before.

You could slot in a 2080ti or less via a x16 to x4 m.2 convertor as pcie is backward compatible and apparently only lose 10-15% of performance.
If it will work or not without a Bios who knows.
So far with Sata M.2 cards if the have bios they don’t work if the are biosless like the Marvell 9235 Sata or Renesas USB3.0 Host Controller µPD720201/µPD720202 they do.

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Actually rk3399 has working uefi, but very limited functions, only mmc works and can boot into Linux. Windows is another thing…

I recently saw this video that details the steps for installing a Windows 10 desktop on Raspberry Pi 3. Maybe we can use the Rockchip UEFI in a similar way to get the Desktop running on Rock Pi4B?

Read my message prior retarding this. And read more about how raspi feeling itself with win10

Hi @jack!

This could well work on the Radxa Rock-Pi-3.
Just need to add motivation for UEFI enthusiasts for RK356x. :slight_smile:

Start Windows Install on RK3568 Firefly Station-P2

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Might not work cause windows does not have emmc drivers not pcie and it cannot be installed on a usb.
Only option is to create a live os usb and try to boot into. It.

Someone have booted into windows and it was very very slow which means withour proper drivers for windows its not worth putting the time in even testing it.

But yes its a good PR stunt to showcase though. :wink: