Windows 10 installation error

I am having trouble installing Windows as per the instructions. I have captured the screen with the error code. Also, can the WinPE language be changed to English?

Thanks in advance.

Hi !
Was the INSTALL.WIM file you used downloaded from ?

Yes, we will complete this work as soon as possible.

Error code: The currently running pe deployment system is [amd64], but the image you are using is [x86], so the installation system cannot be deployed normally.
So I want to confirm the INSTALL.WIM file you are using.


Additionally the binary is not corrupt.
Jeffrey’s MacBook Pro:~/Downloads/RockPiX$ md5sum -c Install.WIM.md5
Install.WIM: OK

FYI … It runs LinuxMint 64bit from bootable USB just fine.

Can you provide your U disk catalog?
Does it look like this:

├── Boot
├── bootmgr
├── DriverInfolist.txt
├── EFI
└── Images
               ├── Install.WIM
               ├── unattend.xml
               └── Winre.wim

I see that winre.wim is not normally found in the picture you provided, and the normal install.wim should be displayed as 6896MB during the installation process instead of 4095MB.
You can look at this picture, this is the display of normal deployment:

My suggestion is to download install.wim again from here:

I created a new disk. I didn’t have enough room for both .wim files. I formatted it NTFS to handle the 6G Install.wim. This is not recognized by the bios.

You did the guide, yes?

Found a windows 10 machine to format USB and started over. It’s now personalizing windows. Apparently Paragon NTFS for Mac does not create an authentic NTFS partition.